Replace Docker Desktop with Hyperkit

In my workstation[Mac], I have been using Docker Desktop and Minikube[Minikube is a utility you can use to run Kubernetes (k8s) on your local machine.]

Every time I start using the Docker Desktop it starts consuming high CPU, which was affecting my workstation performance.

Get rid of Docker Desktop App


KeePass Password Safe is a free and open-source password manager primarily for Windows. It officially supports macOS and Linux operating systems through the use of Mono. Additionally, there are several unofficial ports for Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and BlackBerry devices.

Why KeePass:

Today, you have to remember many passwords. You…

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) gives you the flexibility to start, run, and scale Kubernetes applications in the AWS Cloud or on-premises.

EKS makes it easy to standardize operations across every environment. You can run fully managed EKS clusters on AWS.

Follow for more information:

Install AWS CLI…

Upgrade elasticsearch cluster to 7.10.2

Elasticsearch (ECK) Operator

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) is the official operator by Elastic for automating the deployment, provisioning, management, and orchestration of Elasticsearch, Kibana, APM Server, Beats, Enterprise Search, Beats, Elastic Agent, and Elastic Maps Server on Kubernetes.

Follow the below link to install the elasticsearch operator


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